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VCP Vinyl Coated
VCP Open

VCP Open

#815 - 9' H Open (80% Opacity)
#814 - 6' H Open (80% Opacity) combinations available on special orde

One of the industry's best values. Made of 7 1/2 oz. vinyl-coated polyester. 3 1/2 ply hems. Brass grommets spaced every 12" along the perimeter for a professional looking installation. 6' or 9' heights. Dark Green or Black. TWO-YEAR WARRANTY
VCP Closed

VCP Closed

#815-C - 9' H Closed (95% Opacity)
#814-C - 6' H Closed (95% Opacity) 

Minimizes player distraction while maximizing ball visibility. Made of 8 oz. vinyl-coated polyester. 3 1/2 ply hems . Brass grommets are spaced every 12" along the perimeter for a professional-looking installation. Special caution and consideration of wind conditions and fence strength should be taken before installation of any closed mesh windscreen. 6' or 9' heights. Dark Green or Black. TWO-YEAR WARRANTY
VCP COLORS (Open Mesh Only)
VCP Pro COLORS (Open Mesh Only)

VCP-Pro is made with a tightly woven polyester-based coated mesh fabric giving it the highest tear strength in the market. The material is not only weather & rot resistant, but it is a light 10oz material that is easy to install and remove. VCP-Pro resilience is enhanced with our double needle lock-stitching which will keep the hems on your windscreen from unraveling. Standard heights include 6ft or 9ft however panels can be customized to your dimensions. Seven-ply reinforced corners with three-ply reinforced hems and built-in brass grommets every 12 inches. Die cut vents complimentary and bound or sewn vents available at additional cost
78% shade factor

Available in Forest Green, US Open Blue, Black, and Royal Blue

Material: 100% Vinyl Coated Polyester - Weight: 10oz. - Strip Tensile: 375/330 lb f / in - Shading: 78%

Tear Strengh:170/90 lbs (ASTM D-751) - Fabrication: 3 ply reinforced corners with 3 ply reonforced hemlines

  • Gromments: Every 12in - Warranty: 1 year full, then 4 year limited
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