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Shotmaker Get Price



Long Term Durability
The Shotmaker's case is made of high-impact injection-molded plastic and powder-coated aluminum for strength and rust resistance. The electric motors are all commercial grade and maintenance free.


The Shotmaker® is our top-of-the-line professional ball machine. Its power and versatility will challenge players at any level, including professionals.
A Wealth of Features
Shotmaker provides the features you would expect of a top-of-the-line ball machine including:
• 300 ball capacity.•
• Speed ranges from 10 MPH to 95 MPH.
• Spin is adjustable from heavy underspin, to flat, to heavy topspin.
I• nterval control adjusts the time between shots from one second to six seconds.
• Trajectory is adjustable between groundstroke and lob.

It's in the Details

Shotmaker also incorporates several distinctive features to enhance usability:
A single electronic panel controls all functions of the Shotmaker. It is conveniently located at the back of the machine about waist level to allow operation in a natural standing position. You can easily dial-in the tennis shots you want while observing the entire court in front of you.
Four oversized caster wheels for easy rolling on and off the court.
A protective all-weather cover is included with each machine to protect your investment.
A see-through, high-impact plastic cover provides extra protection for the control panel.

Standard Model - # 891-SH

The Standard model control panel is organized in two simplified sections.
The left side of the control panel controls the type of shot you want. Individual dials set Speed, Spin, and the Interval between shots, while simple switches control Power (On/Off), Elevation (Higher/Lower) and Remote (On/Off).

The right side of the control panel can be programmed to shoot balls to any or all of the three positions (A, B, C) shown on the tennis court diagram above the switches.

Optional 2-button Remote

A 2-button wireless remote control lets you start and stop ball delivery, and control the side-to-side position of the ball throws.


Two-Function Remote Control

The Deluxe model includes a two-function wireless remote control. The' Ball Feed' button alternately starts and stops the ball delivery. The 'Oscillator' button alternately starts and stops the shot program. When the shot program is stopped, Shotmaker throws balls only to the one position where the program was stopped.

Shot Program Memory

The Shot Program Memory lets you store shot sequences for your favorite workouts or drills, and then recall them with the touch of a button. This feature is especially useful in situations where there is more than one user for the machine, as each user can program in their own favorite settings.

SHOTMAKER – Player Mode

With the push of just one button, Player Mode (Patented) simulates a player on the other side of the net. Just push either the Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced buttons, and Player Mode automatically picks an appropriate speed and spin, then changes both the side-to-side position and the depth of shots just like you were playing someone of that ability.

The side-to-side position and depth of each shot are not simply changed in a random or sweeping motion, but are computer programmed to simulate the shot patterns of real players.

For instance, beginning players will see more shots towards the middle of the court and more variation in depth of shots than will advanced players. And you are not stuck with only the standard settings, you can customize the settings by adding or subtracting more speed, spin, or depth as you like.




Deluxe Model - # 891-DX

The Deluxe model is our most versatile yet easiest-to-use Shotmaker.

Quick Set-up
The Quick Set-up feature of the Deluxe model provides one-touch shot selection based on playing ability. Just push the button corresponding to your skill level (beginner, intermediate, or advanced), and the Deluxe model will automatically deliver a pre-programmed shot to the middle of the court at an appropriate interval.

Player Mode

The Deluxe model includes Player Mode™ . Player Mode simulates the shot patterns of real players, and is described below.


Easy Programmability

The Deluxe model can be programmed to shoot balls in a pattern of up to six shots (SHOT 1 thru SHOT 6), with each shot directed to any of seven different court positions (A, B, C, D, E, F, G) shown on the tennis court diagram, or to a RANDOM position. If a shot selector switch is set to OFF it will not be included in the shot pattern. Indicator lights show the active shot position.
For instance, if you want Shotmaker to shoot one ball wide to your forehand (for right-handers), then one ball down the middle, followed by a randomly placed shot, then set the six switches as follows: SHOT 1 to 'B', SHOT 2 to 'D', SHOT 3 to 'RANDOM', and the rest of the switches to OFF.

SHOTMAKER DELUXE – Multi-Function Remote

The Multi-function Remote controls all functions on the left (black) side of the Shotmaker Deluxe control panel just like you were using the actual control panel. In fact, the layout of the buttons on the Multi-function remote is almost identical to the layout of the buttons on the machine's control panel, so there is nothing new to learn. And each time you press a button on the Multi-function Remote your Shotmaker Deluxe will beep to let you know it received the signal.



Shotmaker is backed by a three year warranty covering both parts and labor. Extended warranties available.


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