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Sports Surfaces


Resurfacing Your Tennis Court




Over the years many tennis court syrfaces heve failed because of improper asphalt mix design. Often, tennis courts are paved with an asphalt mix that does not provide optimum pavement for the application of all weather color coating. with this in mind, and No Fault Nova Sports desires to assist the tennis court owner to achieve the highest quality tennis courts surface possible, we are recomending the following asphalt surface course.

The final course of asphalt shall cosist of one inch thick mixture of asphalt and aggregate not to exceed 3/8 inch in size. This standard is as outlined by the United States Tennis Court and Track Builders Association and the United States Tennis Association.

The proper type asphalt used for the surface course will vary from state to state if using the standard norm of the department of Transportation or the State Highway Department standards. Because of this potential to vary, the following is a mix design that will resemble more closely the methods and standards that have succeeded in the proving quality facilities.


New concrete slab must be constructed with a vapor barrier under the slab and have a medium broom finish.Texture should be at least as coarse as medium sandpaper. New concrete must cure a minimum of 30 days prior to application of coating. Apply a slurry coat of 2-1/2 gallons Novabond 200 lbs clean sand, 1 bag (94 lbs) portland cement and 5 gallons clean water. When the slurry is dry, wash the surface with a mild solution of phosphoric acid (approx. 1 part acid to 8 parts water).


1. Scrape, Broom, and Blow Surface Clean surface between coats
2 - Repair Cracks - Filling cracks before applying surface material will help prevent enlargement of existing cracks and give your court a longer life. Use Novacaulk Crack filler for the best crack repair.
3. Repair Birdbaths or Puddles - Use Novabond to fill in those birdbaths.
4. Power wash if needed - Powerwashing the court surafce will help the adhesion of the Novacrylic materials by removing any oils and other polutants that might exist on your court.
5. Have materials ready for application - The Ready to Use Court Resurfacer System (5 gallon containers) are ready to use. The Combination Surface System (30 gallon containers) need to ADD water.  
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