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Sports Surfaces


All Weather Recreational Surface Systems


Nova sports U.S.A. was created out of a desire to provide the acrylic surfacing industry with a superior product and excellent service. To this end, Nova Sports U.S.A. produces high performance acrylic coating systems for all types of recreational uses, as well as provides complete technical support to the owner, contractor and specifier. All Nova Sports products are environmentally friendly, they are asbestos free, mercury free and lead free.

NOVACRYLIC is the umbrella name for all the materials manufactured in the Novacrylic line which includes Novafil, Novacoat, Combination surface, Novacushion, Ultracushion, Novasurface, Novaplay Base Coat, Novabond, CP761, Novacourt, Novaplay, Novaplay II, Novatex, Novaline, Seal-A-Line, and concrete recreational surfaces, It's non-glare, non fading colors are unaffected by extremes in weather or by ultraviolet rays from the sun. The non-abrasive, non-slip surface is easier on the feet and legs and tennis balls last longer. Texture can be adjusted to achieve whatever speed or ball bounce the owner wishes. Novacrylic surfacing systems are supplied in a full range of colors. Color materials for other pavements are also available. Please consult us for specific and/or unusual pavement coating needs.

The surfacing is manufactured on the most modern equipment designed specifically for Nova Sports U.S.A.. Novacrylic surfaces have undergone extensive testing and are the most stable and technically advanced acrylic surfaces on the market.

Our dedication to making every product in the Novacrylic line second to none in quality, performance and safety is your guarantee that choosing a Novacrylic system will result in your total satisfaction.

Distribution is world wide, we are the leader in producing the best quality products. We are responsive to your needs, it's all we do we have to do it better.

Note: Methods recommended are based on experience. Nova Sports U.S.A. cannot be responsible for job conditions nor quality or workmanship.


The methods and techniques represented in Nova Sports U.S.A. literature have been used successfully to achieve the results expected. The decision to use any of these methods and techniques is completely the choice of the user. Nova Sports U.S.A. warrants these products to be of merchantable quality. There are no other warranties either expressed or implied or which extend beyond the description of the face hereof. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may have other rights which vary from state to state.



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