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Homecourt Product Reference: Mateflex II
sports court tile
There's no court like a HomeCourt,
  Give your kids the HomeCourt advantage with Matéflex HomeCourt. You can have it all. Paddle tennis, pickleball, basketball, volleyball, badminton, shuffle board, inline hockey, and dozens of other games.
  HomeCourt is a year-round sports complex that can even be flooded and used as an ice rink in the winter months. It's small enough to fit into most backyards, but big enough to make a full range of competitive sports come alive for you and your family.
  Best of all, HomeCourt is colorful and attractive. With 15 standard colors to choose from, any design is possible. A Matéflex HomeCourt will make excellent use of spare space in your lot. Custom logos and designs can be painted on as well. HomeCourt is an affordable recreation system designed to make staying home more fun.
  With Matéflex's expansion joints the tiles can be trimmed tight to your fence or border to give your court a finished look

Custom designs to encounter a variety of sports

Cushioned surface helps prevent injury and fight fatigue

Quick drainage and drying after rains

Narrow gauge ribs for best traction

Low abrasion on balls and shoes


Color full thickness. Excellent UV stability

Medium ball speed. Great for all skill levels

Easy assembly and access to base for repairs

Can be self installed to save you thousands of dollars

Court fastened around perimeter. Trimmed tight to fencing under all conditions


sports court

sports court

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