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Complete Systems

Super Six Basketball System

NOTE: Super Six Systems needs Goal and Baclkboard.Please look at our Goal and Backboard pages for more information

Super Six


Base Mount or Inground Installation

4" square structural steel with 3/16" wall thickness, weighing 9-1/2 lbs. per foot
The extension has a 4-1/2" square steel collar that fits 30" over the vertical pole and has two set bolts that allow for minor adjustments in height and squareness to the playing surface
Extension collar is permanently capped to prevent the extension from slipping when the set bolts are removed completely
The rim mounts through the backboard directly to the extension for maxim safety and better rebound
Both the extension and pole have an acrylic powder coated finish to prevent chipping and to provide ultimate corrosion protection
Designed for official play
3 piece installation design for easy installation and allows for minor adjustments or "fine tuning"
A 72" extension for maximum safe play area and sets the pole 2' out-of-bounds for regulation play
Custom sizes available: 36", 48" & 60"
Heavy-duty anchor installation system for surface mounting or Standard inground installation.

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